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Dermagen iQ Review – The Secret Behind Flawless Skin Revealed!

We women can go to any extent for a flawless skin and I am too like this. I used to spend scores of money on beauty products but, all went in vain as soon as I entered middle-age. Wrinkles, blemishes, stubborn dark circles etc. were common. Then, I found Dermagen iQ . It is an organic serum which fights against aging strongly. Today, because of this formula, I look young and youthful. You can read the review below to know more about it!

Dermagen iQ


This serum has been identified as the only natural way to get rid of an aging skin. Tests and studies have revealed that the product is far better than other serums available in the market today. It revitalises the skin, rejuvenates it and makes it look youthful and young. The cream is easy to apply and is prepared in GNP labs by combining various beauty enhancing salts, oils and flower extracts.

The cream improves the blood circulation in the face and keeps the skin hydrated for long. It improves its radiance and glow so as to clean up the visibility of wrinkles and fine lines from the face. The product grants amazing results and is used by many super models to defy aging!



All the ingredients that this serum consists of are 100% natural and carefully chosen. It majorly contains natural oils, flower extracts, antioxidants, age defying salts and detoxifiers.

How does it work?

This serum is a unique way to get rid of an aging skin. It contains certain salts and natural oils that help the skin retain its real sheen. It rejuvenates the skin and makes it smoother and supple. The serum detoxifies the skin and makes it pure. It also protects the face against UV rays and brings down the chances of skin cancer.

The formula is rich in flower extracts which make the skin soft as the petals of the flower. When we massage our face with it, the blood circulation in our skin improves and in turn we get a fairer, radiant and glowing skin. We can also get rid of wrinkles, fine lines and other tough aging signs by using this serum regularly.


  • Vanishes wrinkles
  • Removes dark circles
  • Transforms our look
  • Protects skin against risk of cancer
  • Enhances fairness
  • Promotes hydration in the skin
  • Makes skin supple
  • Keeps skin moisturised
  • Wards off acne and pimples

Side effects

The serum has been prepared in GNP labs. It consists of only natural ingredients and does not has even a trace of any chemical. It has been approved by various dermatologists and it does not causes any harm to the skin.

Dermagen iQ benifits

How to apply?

  • Cleansing: Wash face with a good facewash
  • Drying: Pat and dry with a soft towel
  • Apply: Take some serum and massage the face
  • Repeat: Bring it in routine, exercise it daily two times


Mrs Tracy says, “My skin was flawless and I used to feel proud about it but, aging ruined it all! With time, it became saggy, unhealthy, and pale and there were wrinkles all over it. I was looking for a solution to this problem and I found it in this serum. The product has worked like a beauty god on my face. It made me feel and look young once again!”

Mrs Patricia claims, “Juggling my life between classes, work, family and friends was tough but, I never had any regrets about it until aging signs and tiredness became visible on my face. I wanted a quick treatment and found it in this serum. It amazingly rejuvenates the skin and treats it wonderfully. Now, I always keep this cream in my make-up kitty.”


How can you get the free trial?

Ordering a free trial pack of this serum is as simple as ordering a pizza. One just need to register on the official website, click on free trial tab and provide personal details. The trial pack will be delivered to your doorstep within 2-3 days. You just need to sign on the delivery receipt and then you can enjoy the benefits of the free trial!


  • Check about the impact of the cream on a small patch of a skin first
  • Do not use it without consulting a dermatologist
  • Always store the serum away from heat and moisture
  • Do not expose the pack to direct sunlight
  • Keep the serum is a cool place but avoid storing it in a refrigerator
  • Cover the bottle after using it
  • Usage of serum is not good for the soft skin of children
  • Do not accept the delivery if safety seal is tampered

How to buy it?

When it comes to buying Dermagen iQ , one should always trust the official website. The serum may be available at many other stores and medical shops but, it is always advised to go for the official one only. Register yourself on the website and place the order now so that the manufacturers can plan the free home delivery of the product to your address.

How can you reach the website?

Usually, people do not find it difficult to reach the website but, in some cases situation may become worse. At that time, one can use the link given on this page.

Dermagen iQ Trial

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